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Classical Trial Rules in Ger 2024

Classical Trial Rules in Ger 2024

2 Ger Classic Trial Days 2024


The Moto Club Cerdanya organizes the next few days 20 and 21 April 2024, the fifth edition of the 2 Ger Classic Trial days.

It will be a TRIAL PER EQUIPS of three pilots, configuration of a team is mandatory to be able to participate.

Preference will be given:

1-Members of the Motoclub Cerdanya
2-The teams that already participated in the year 2023 (even if some of the participants are new)

The sum of the scores of the three drivers will decide the final classification of the team.



LICENSE REQUIRED (It will be checked with the FCM that each driver has one. Otherwise, it will not be possible to run and the money will not be returned, leaving the team with 1 o 2 pilots)

It is a trial for classic bikes and therefore bikes considered post-classic are not allowed (mono shock absorber and disc brakes)


The paddock and the race office will be located in the La Clossa Parking in Serra de Ger Coordinates: 42,40993° N, 1,84406° E



Friday 19 of April, from 17 a 19 hours administrative checks and number collection, which will be delivered in teams.

Saturday 20 of April of 7.30 a 8 hours, for exceptional cases, the documentation and number can be collected.

The departure of the first teams will be on Saturday and Sunday:

Saturday at 8.30 hours
Sunday at 8.30 hours

Departure times will be published on the Moto Club website. BAR service will be available



The route will be about 28 Km., totals divided by 2 loops with a total of 18 zones

The departure and arrival of the 2 loops, it will be from the paddock, where once the riders have completed the first loop, they can change the card and proceed to start their second loop.

The organization will provide fruit and beverage services to the pilots, at the end of each loop (paddock).



The three pilots of a team must compete at the same level and NO CHANGES ARE ALLOWED ONCE REGISTRATION IS COMPLETED

Yellow level: Very low level areas, suitable for any amateur.
Green level: Areas of low difficulty
Blue level: Medium level areas
Female level: Very low level areas, suitable for any amateur



For every offense committed, the following coefficients will apply:

0,5 Points for motorcycles Pre 65 (Sammy Miller will be considered Pre 65)
1 Point for motorcycles made of 1965 al 31.12.1979
1,5 Points for motorcycles made from 1.1.1980



To balance the coefficients, fiascos will always have a value of 5 punts.

Ex: A motorcycle with a coefficient of 0,5, before if they were a fiasco 2,5 penalty points, now they will 5 punts.

Ex: A motorcycle with a coefficient of 1 , will still be a penalty of 5 Punts. Ex: A motorcycle with a coefficient of 1,5, before if they were a fiasco 7,5 penalty points, now they will 5 punts.



In addition to the rules of the classic trial, the following cases will also be considered Fiasco:

Lateral displacements of either wheel, with the bike stopped.
Back off the bike, with or without foot on the ground.



Catalan Social
Unique Catalan
All of the communities with agreements with the FCM



Registrations can be made from the day 14 of March through the website

The registration will be carried out in such a way GROUP authorizing the motorcycle club cerdanya to process the personal data of each rider.

The price established per team will be €540, which includes the trial shirt, breakfast on both days and lunch on Saturday at the end of the trial.

Lunch tickets can be purchased from companions at the price of 20 €



They will also have to complete their registration through the web, the price of 2 dies 100 €, the motorcycle must be registered and insured.

They will have to collect the corresponding number from the race office within the times already indicated.

It is included in the registration for breakfast each day, as well as Saturday lunch at the end of the trial.

Supporters will not be able to do the zones and will have to circulate only within the trial route.

Anyone who rides a motorcycle without a number plate, may be sanctioned by seprona agents.



Registrations will be closed at 150 pilots, or Friday at the latest 12 d'april to them 24 hs.
Once registrations are closed, no changes will be accepted.



It will be published on the Moto Club website



Trophies will be awarded to the top three teams in each category.