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On this last day the sun has shone in Cerdanya.

With a rally of only 12 kilometers, the festive day has been complete with a strong influx of people, to the always spectacular motocross test.
The last time control has been located at the entrance of this last special.

With a length of about 3.5 km. in length, this last special has been marked in a meadow with good visibility for the public.
In groups by categories of 15 a 18 motos, the sleeves have been a 5 laps.


Italy wins the Trophy

The Italian team left their victory in the Trophy very well received yesterday, reaching the last day with a considerable advantage over the French team.
In the Saturday special, the classic motocross test, the Italians have increased their difference and therefore, after the victory last year in Portugal, the “Maglia Azzura” returns to the top of the podium at the most prestigious Enduro Vintage test.

The Italian team, with Enrico Tortoli (KTM A3), Giorgio Grasso (Kramer B3) and Tullius Peregrinelli (Puch Frigerio C3), they reached the last special with more than a minute advantage over the French team composed of Didier Tirad ( Penton A2), François Borsoto (Puch B0) and Francis Mace (Fantic C0).

"In the beginning we suffered a little, but then we get better. We have level pilots, but this year there were several countries with competitive teams. I think it has been the edition with the highest level of those contested so far", he declared Francesco Mazzoleni, manager of the Italian team.

The French team finished in second place after the Italians.

The French have been competitive, but one of the keys to victory came yesterday, when Italian drivers entered ahead of the French Trophy team and penalized them.

"We leave satisfied, declares the Team Manager of the France team. The first day we ended up very close to Italy and the second, despite a breakdown in a special, we were able to keep up. Finishing behind a super team like Italy is a good result. We are happy with the choice of bikes and riders and to show that, with small displacement motorcycles, a good result can also be achieved".

Germany has completed the podium.

We remember that Spain was left out of the fight for the podium, after the breakdown in changing the bike from Xavier Arenas. "I am devastated, Arenas said. The bike has worked perfectly all season and failed at the worst time. I am very sorry for the whole team".

A l’equip USA, finished in fourth place, in front of Portugal, out of contention for the Trophy after the penalty on the second day,
In the individual classification the Italian Andrea Bellotti (X2) has been the absolute dominator. The best among our pilots, has been Carlos Marset (Open,10º).

He Goes

In the Vas category, Germany won ahead of Italy (Pantera 2) and France (France Enduro V).
Among the teams participating in the Club, the Spanish team of MC Ronçana, finished in a good fifth final position.
The next edition of the FIM Enduro Vintage Trophy is scheduled for next year in Camerino (Italy), province of Macerata.