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II Trial of Classics for teams in Ger.
22 and 23 May 2021

The Moto Club organizes the coming days Cerdanya 22 and 23 of May 2021, the second edition of the 2 Day Trial Classical Ger.
It will be a TRIAL TEAM Three pilots, required equipment settings, to participate.

Registrations may be made from the day 15 of October through the page

Registrations will have preference:

1-Members of the Motoclub Cerdanya
2-The teams that already participated in the year 2019 (even if any of the participants are new)

The sum of the score of three pilots will decide the final team.

Individual registrations will not be accepted.

Only once the team has been formed with all the data of the three pilots can it be done through the website

The price set per team will be 450 €

The paddock and the office of career, will be located in the Municipal Pavilion De Ger.

Friday 21 of May, of 17:00h a 19:00h hours administrative checks and collection of bibs.
If a driver can not attend at the times indicated, your teammates will be able to withdraw your documentation.

Saturday 22 May 8:00h a 8:30h hours, for exceptional cases, documentation and bib numbers may be collected.

Saturday and Sunday the departure of the first teams to be 9:00h hours. Departure times will be published on the Moto Club website

The tour will be about 28 km., Totals divided into 2 where there will be loops 9 areas in each, for a total of 18 zones.

The departure and arrival of 2 loops, Pavilion will be in Ger (paddock), where once the drivers have completed the first loop, can refuel and proceed to start the second loop. The organization will offer fruit drinks and pilots, in the middle of each loop and in the paddock.

The maximum time to complete the tour will be 5 hours. After this time you will have 10 minutes more at the rate of one 1 punt penalty for each minute of delay.

The three pilots of a team must compete on the same level.

Yellow level: Areas of low level, suitable for any amateur.
level Green: Zones of low difficulty.
Blue level: All midlevel.
Female category, will effect the yellow level areas.


For every ball that is committed, apply the following coefficients.

0,5 Pre points for motorcycles 65 (The Sammy Miller will be considered Pre 65)
1 Knit for motorcycles made of 1965 a 31.12.1979
1,5 Points for motorcycles manufactured from 01.01.1980


To balance the coefficients, fiascos will always have a value of 5 punts.
Ex: A motorcycle with a coefficient of 0,5 Punts, before if towards a fiasco they were 2,5 Penalty points, now they will 5 Punts.
Ex: A motorcycle with a coefficient of 1 point, will still be a penalty of 5 punts.
Ex: A motorcycle with a coefficient of 1,5 Punts, before if towards a fiasco they were 7,5 Penalty points, now they will 5 Punts.

Apart from what is established in the regulations of the classic trial, Fiasco will also be considered the
following cases:

The lateral displacements of either of the two wheels, stop being the bike. Back on the bike, with or without foot down.


- Catalan Social
- Only Catalan
- All communities agreements with the Catalan Federation Championship.
- License from any EU country affiliated to the FIM, as long as they have the exit permit issued by their National Federation.

Through the FCM it will be possible to be alone·tender the corresponding license by the 2 days for an amount of 105 €.

They will also have to register via the web the price of 2 dies 50 €, motorcycle must be registered and insured.

They must collect the corresponding number at the race office within the hours already indicated.
It is included in the daily breakfast registration.

The fans will not be able to do the zones and will have to circulate only within the course of the trial.
Anyone who circulates motorcycle without number, may be sanctioned by officers of the authority.
Fans and companions will be able to purchase tickets for Saturday lunch for the amount of 15 €.


It is published on the Moto Club website


Trophies will be given to the top three teams in each category.

COVID - 19:

As we all know, we must take the utmost precautions, so please respect the following measures:

- It is mandatory to use a mask at all times and only when we are doing the area can we do without.
- Please respect the safety distance of 1.5 meters.