Enduro Vintage TT Cerdanya. 17-18 june 2023

Enduro FIM Vintage
Veteran Trophy
in La Cerdanya.
Taste of other times


-Enduro Vintage arrives in Cerdanya, between 17 and the 21 of October
-More than 250 registered pilots representing eleven nationalities



The Enduro FIM Vintage Veteran Trophy will celebrate its third edition in La Cerdanya, the base of operations and nerve center of which will be located in Puigcerdà (Girona).
A proof that it is gaining its space and prominence, in which the competition with the flavor of other times and the possibility to see classic motorcycles in action reaches the hearts of the fans.

The collaboration of the Regional Council of Cerdanya or the Puigcerdà Town Councils, Bolvir, they complain, Ger, Guils i Fontanals de Cerdanya has been instrumental in organizing this edition of the FIM Vintage Veteran Trophy.

An enduro competition, before all terrain, for national teams that will last three days, in addition to the opening ceremony.

initially, he 2016, the first edition of the FIM Vintage Veteran Trophy was organized integrated with the ISDEs, to later become an independent competition.
This will be the third edition of the FIM Vintage Veteran Trophy, after those contested on the Island of Elba (Italy) i Portugal (Santiago Do Caçem). In the latest edition, Italy took home the Trophy and the Spanish team was unlucky to suffer several breakdowns. It goes without saying that our country's Trophy team, with Xavi Arenas (Montesa), Miguel Ángel Boet (Yamaha) and David Gómez (Yamaha) of pilots, will try to be among the best in La Cerdanya again.

An edition in image and likeness of the Six International Enduro Days (ISDE), but which is disputed with classic motorcycles and the dynamics of the enduro tests of the past.
On this occasion, Moto Club Cerdanya has prepared its test in a fantastic setting in the Pyrenees, in the heart of Cerdanya, and has recovered the spirit and some locations of the ISDEs that were disputed in this same scenario on 1985.

Some of the legendary drivers who took part in that race, com Giorgio Grasso or Julio Peregrinelli, in addition to Spanish pilots such as Jordi Riera, Baldiri Olivé or Santiago López, others, they will compete again in Cerdanya.


The route that the organization has prepared is complete and varied and there will be no shortage of them, in addition to the rally, acceleration section or timings.
After the presentation ceremony of the participating teams, scheduled for the day 17 of October, on the first day of competition we will relive the defunct acceleration tests and a rally of some 20 km of route.

The next day (19 October), the rally will be from 60 km and will take place in Bolvir, with a stretch and two timers. The day 20, the rally will be from 50 km around Queixans, with section and two passes for the chrono.

The last day, as usual, it will have a festive air not without spectacle, with the final motocross test, which will be developed near the paddock.

Each day you will go through part of the route of the year's edition 1985.


The spirit of the Enduro Vintage Trophy is reflected in the illustrious names that make up the inscription, with more than 250 pilots distributed in the different categories, which will represent eleven different nationalities. Spain (64) it is the country with the most registered pilots, followed by France (64), Italy (61), Germany (33), poland (6), Great Britain (5), Portugal (4), Belgium, USA ., Austria, Swiss (3) and Hungary (3).

As in contemporary ISDEs, the categories called by national teams are divided into TROPHY (FIM Vintage Veteran Thropy Team), GOT (FIM Vintage Silver Team), CLUB (FIM Club Team), FEMALE (FIM Vintage Women's Club Team) i categoria INDIVIDUAL.

In the TROPHY category, the pilots selected by the respective national federations will compose a team of three members, with a minimum age of 50 years old. In the case of the GLASS category, national federations can present more than one team and their members must have at least 40 years old.

The motorcycles of the time will also be great protagonists, and this is a unique occasion to see live and enjoy in their atmosphere authentic collection motorcycles stained with dust and mud.


A total of 48 brands of different motorcycles manufactured between the 1975 and the 1991 are authorized to take the exit.

Any 1975. A0 ends a 75 c.c. A: fins a 125 c.c. A2: fins a 175 c.c. A3 superiors a 175 c.c. (with drum brake and 2 shock absorbers).

To the 1979. B0 fins a 75 c.c. B1 fins a 125 c.c. B2 fins a 175 c.c. B3 up to 250. B4 Sup. 250 c.c. (with drum brake and two shock absorbers).

Any 1983. 80 c.c. C1: fins a 125 c.c. C2 fins a 250 c.c. C3: superiors 250 c.c. Monocle suspensions are not allowed, Prolink, Unitrack.

1986, fins a 125. open. X2 Superior 125. open.


DATES: Of the 17 al 21 of October 2023

Yes 17 oct.: Presentation of participants and teams.
Yes 18 oct.: Acceleration, Ral·li 20 km.
Yes 19 oct.: Ral·li 60 km (Bolvir), tram, chrono (2).
Yes 20 oct.: Ral·li 50 km (they complain), trams and timers (2) Yes 21 oct.: MX final test in Sant Marc.

ORGANIZATION: Moto Club Cerdanya www.motoclubcerdanya.com and Catalan Motorcycling Federation


ORGANIZATION : MOTO CLUB CERDANYA , Avd. Pyrenees 91 - 17520 Puigcerdà (Gi) Tel 661822050
E mail: motoclubcerdanya@gmail.com web : www.motoclubcerdanya.com

  • ENCLOSED PADDLE AND PARK : Ginebró street 3 17538 Fountains of Cerdanya - 42,3979761,1.1918203
  • PUNTUABLE : Europe Vintage Enduro FIM / RFME All Terrain Classic Cup / TT FCM Classic Cup
  • REGISTRATIONS : EUROPA VINTAGE FIM - web : www. motoclubcerdanya.com. price 2 dies : 206 €
  • REGISTRATIONS : RFME All Terrain CUP - web: www.rfme.com. price 2 dies : 176 €
  • REGISTRATIONS : TT FCM CLASSIC CUP - web: www.fcm.cat. price 2 dies : 160 €

The pilot who participates and scores in the 3 proves , you only have to register and pay the Europe Vintage FIM fee , and payments will be made by credit card . All registrations are for 2 dies. In case of just running one, it will be paid for two and the motorcycle must be verified the day before the race and left in the Closed Park the night before .

All drivers who want to score in the Catalan Cup registered in the TT RFME or Vintage FIM Cup , they must communicate it by email to the fcm (sesportiu@fcm.cat) or to the delegate fcm (jetmajic@hotmail.com)


  • FIM - 11 of June 2023 to them 23:59 h
  • RFME - 13 of June 2023 to them 23:59 h
  • FCM - 13deJuny2023ales23:59h

Pilots registered after these dates will have a surcharge of 75 € per day.

INSCRIPTIONS EUROPE VINTAGE FIM – To fill in the Cerdanya motorcycle club website (Mandatory FIM Europe License)
NOM i GOGNOMS - DNI or equivalent from the country of origin - e mail - Contact phone number and phone number in the event of an accident - CATEGORY where to participate - BRAND , MODEL , ANY i REGISTRATION of the motorcycle. LICENSE No ( FIM Europe Promotional Continental Licence ) per Vintage FIM - PILOT T-SHIRT SIZE

EUROPE VINTAGE FIM -FRIDAY 16,30 a 20 h 17 a 20,30 h 20,30 h
COPA T.T. RFME - FRIDAY 16,30 a 20 h 17 a 20,30 h 20,30 h
COPA TT FCM - FRIDAY 16,30 a 20 h 17 a 20,30 h 20,30 h

Each Championship will be governed by its own particular regulations and categories.
OBLIGATORY : 2 CARPETS ( 1 Assistance paddock + 1 Closed Park) – STAND FIXED on the motorcycle - LIGHTS work-License Plate - General PROTECTIONS for both the motorcycle and the Pilot, according to regulations.


  • CORRECTED : 50 KM with specials included - 2 RETURNS
  • REFUELING : AL CH1 (Mandatory for those who want this service , provide an approved carafe labeled with the DORSAL Number to the organization before the race , refueling will be done by the pilot himself in the area designated by the organization).
  • ACCELERATION : SCORES the 2nd ROUND pass only ( The acceleration is not timed on the 1st lap).
  • TIMED SECTION : SCORE both passes ( Approximate half time +- 6 minutes)
  • TIMED : SCORE both passes ( Approximate half time +- 6 minutes)

Drivers who do not finish the first day and want to repair will have maximum time to verify and enter Parc Tancat
from 17 h a 20 h of saturday. All Entrants will be given Bibs numbered for the motorcycle and Transponedor (The loss will be a charge of 250 €)

The Prize Delivery will take place at approximately 16 Hours , being the calculation of 2 dies .

All drivers will be entered in person in the draw at the conclusion of Sunday's podium prize presentations , these gifts will be thanks to the selfless collaboration of all these sponsors :

- MIQUEL A. BOET CENTRIBOET (Sponsor principal)
- SANTI ROIG (tires WIC – 12 BORILLI pel Cto. Catalan)
- JORDI ARTÉS ( 20 tires MYTH between the 3 championships)
- MICHAEL FONT ( HOT - 3 whips to the 1sts- 2 whips to the 2nds and 1 finished 3rd on all the podiums)
- RICARD MARTINEZ (CAVES RIMARTS) Bottle of Cava als 3 first home podium and championship.
- XAVI ARENAS ( CLICE Motorcycle sports materials with a raffle among all the riders of the 3 championships .