Championship Catalonia: 1is. Enduro Cerdanya, 9 and 10 June

Enduro Championship Catalonia Cerdanya

The next 9 and 10 June, 1st Championship of Catalonia. Enduro Cerdanya Fontanals de Cerdanya

Our country will be the host of a race Catalonia Enduro Championship . In the middle of a spectacular landscape as the Catalan Pyrenees, specifically the town of Fontanals de Cerdanya.

The oldest participants can relive some sections of the route 6 Days Enduro of the year 1985, un al·incentive for nostalgic.

Park closed the Badiu Restaurant

The race this year will include a tour of some 40 km will start from the restaurant Badiu, where will be installed·lat the paddock. During the test, pilots must pass a special stage most endurero, until the top of the Pleta Fontanals, from which you can make out the French and Catalan Pyrenees. At this point the first time control will be located, will feature all kinds of refreshment for riders. A few kilometers beyond the clock will be located, which will take approximately 4 minutes.

Award for 5 first riders in each category.

Categories, E-125 2Temps, Enduro Competition , Femina, Junior Open, Junior Trophy, Master, Senior B 2T, Senior B 4T, Senior C 2T, Senior C 4T.

SUPPORT: FCM ENDURO, CITY Fontanals de Cerdanya


Hotel del Prado
Loss: 972 880400
a 3km del Padock

Park Hotel
Loss: 972 880750
a 3 km of padock

Camping Fontanals
Loss: 972 141280
a 1 km of padock

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loss 661822050
Xavi Castey – Delegate d'Enduro

Loss: 608113433
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