Hi folks!!!

As you can see Moto Club Cerdanya (MCC) launches website and we are two weeks to celebrate and take Cerdanya, scoring for the championship of this specialty in Catalonia.

This makes two years, when we met to talk about the situation known motorcycle in the region, do not we ever dreamed. After this first meeting we get down to work to achieve the first objective: go to motorcycle Cerdanya.

Go with bike Cerdanya not easy, has many restrictions, but if we get together we can make it easier, in fact in the last two years we have made and exits at amateur level our colleagues are involved in federal races, getting up there all national titles specialty.

This website has the intention to encourage participation and the relationship between themselves and partners with MCC. (Photos, reviews, experiences, projects, ....). Fen continue to serve the internal WSHP (quotes, duties,...).

We continue to remain a motorcycle club integrative and open to any fan of the bike wherever, respect the territory and above all try to achieve new goals (permanent circuit mx, meetings classic ...).

We hope this new communication resource is for the benefit of all