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2 Ger Classic Days Trial. 12 and 13 October 2019

The Moto Club Cerdanya organizes the coming days 12 and 13 October 2019, first edition of 2 Day Trial Classical Ger.

It will be a TRIAL TEAM Three pilots, required equipment settings, to participate.

The sum of the score of three pilots will decide the final team.

The paddock and the office of career, will be located in Hall Municipal Ger.

Friday 11 October, of 16 a 20 s administrative checks and collection of numbers.

If a driver can not attend at the times indicated, his teammates can withdraw their documentation and dorsal.

Saturday 12 October 8 a 8.30 hours, exceptional cases to be collected
documentation and dorsal.

Saturday and Sunday the departure of the first teams to be 9 hours.

The departure times will be posted on the website of the Moto Club


The tour will be about 28 km., Totals divided into 2 where there will be loops 9 areas in each, for a total of 18 zones.

The departure and arrival of 2 loops, Pavilion will be in Ger (paddock), where once the drivers have completed the first loop, can refuel and proceed to start the second loop.

The organization will offer fruit drinks and pilots, half of each loop and the
paddock ..

The three pilots of a team must compete on the same level.
· Yellow level: Areas of low level, suitable for any amateur.
· level Green: Zones of low difficulty
· Blue level: All midlevel

For every ball that is committed, apply the following coefficients.
0,5 Pre points for motorcycles 65 (The Sammy Miller will be considered Pre 65)
1 ready for manufactured motorcycles 1965 a 31.12.1979
1,5 Points for motorcycles manufactured from 1.1.1980

Aside from establishing the rules of classic trial, Fiasco also consider the following cases:
- The lateral displacements of either of the two wheels, stop being the bike.
- Back on the bike, with or without foot down.

social Catalana
Catalan only
All communities agreements with the Catalan Federation Championship.

Registration is now open via the website

Registration will be every driver regardless, but stating : the team name.

The price will be set by pilot 150 €, shirt included trial, Breakfast both days and lunch on Saturday at the end of trial.

If you do not have the license for the price 2 this it 105 € (1º if the first time during the year that saves, if the second or successive saves that are 125 € ( this price is imposed by FCM ( Catalan Motorcycle Federation).

Saturday deliver scorecard, will deliver the meal ticket.

You can buy tickets for companions and followers for Saturday lunch price 15 €


They must also carry their registration via web

The price for 2 dies 55 €, motorcycle must be registered and insured.

They will collect the corresponding number in the race office within hours as indicated.

It is included in the registration breakfast daily.

Fans may not make the zones and will circulate only within the course of the trial.

Anyone who circulates motorcycle without number, may be sanctioned by the agents of authority.


Entry Deadline:
The day 2 October

It is published to the website of Moto Club

Trophies will be given to the top three teams in each category.